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Target Roofers

From Quote & Hope, Spray & Pray (closing 22%) to Relational, Consultative & Predictable (closing over 35% and climbing) in 8 months.

Eagle Concrete

Eagle Concrete, Commercial Concrete Subcontractor: From $15-20M in 18 months. No longer calling themselves "Estimators"!

Woodiwiss Painting

Selling value to prospects who are “willing to pay more”, having their best year yet despite being shut down for 6-weeks!

CFS Roofing Owner David Crowther and VP Tammy Hall

They share how their closing ratio doubled. They went from $22 M to $35 M in 18 months and has a fleet of trucks swarming their market and just moved into a new building after busting at the seams.

AIC Roofing Owner Blaine Adams

$3 - $7.5 + Million of residential retail sales in 24 months.

Increase Average Ticket Sizes. Boost Closing Ratios. Shorten Selling Cycles. Make it rain gross profit margin.

Here's an example of a Sales Professional selling a $1 Million dollar job inside of 3 months of the training. Easily paying for the program 3 X over.


CIG Construction Owners Janice & Kelly Stitzer

Frustrated with the unpredictability of performing residential roofing in a storm market, they switched to Commercial after ten years in residential. With our help they went from a standing stop, $0 - $5 M in 24 months.

Moss Roofing

Adam Moss took over his family business and shares how Sales Accelerator has paid for itself 50-60 times over within 12 months, not to mention his quality of life has changed now that he has a standardized selling system.

CFS Roofing Account Manager Leland Bishop

Went from reactive and untrained in selling to absolutely slaying it. $30K - $150K of High-Margin Service Sales per month in 12 months

Pride Roofing & Construction

From $0 - $4.3 Million in Roofing Sales, from a standing halt, out of his house, bootstrapped. Now moved into brick and mortar

Peak to Peak Roofing

Damen Vagge, Sales VP shares how they've had unpredictability in their storm driven business for 9 straight years and how they finally have certainty of their future growth with STG's help by breaking into Commercial.

Maxwell Roofing Account Manager

Kalen went from $0 - $150 K per month of Service sales without Roofing experience in 18 months.

"In the first 6 months, we have spent 20% less time surveying roofs for potential clients who were either not ready to buy or weren’t going to buy from us anyway. Our cold call to discovery meetings ration went from 10% to 20% overnight. When delivering a proposal we have cut off 40% of re-pricing it as we now gather all of the information up-front. This has allowed our companies to be more service-oriented as we not wasting our customers’ time and our time re-pricing things. It pays to hire Ryan Groth and his team as the return on investment is 15X in the first year alone."

Curtis Sutton
CEO - Rackley Roofing

"Ryan’s sales system and knowledge of CRM has taken not only our commercial sales game up, but our residential sales game has also improved almost instantly. If you want to improve conversions from lead to close, investing into Ryan’s program is a no-brainer. He's all about building relationships, which is what we need in our business to the most resilient we can be."

Ken Kelly
CEO - Kelly Roofing

"We brought Ryan in because of his knowledge and experience working with large commercial roofing companies. His baseline sales process and focus on leading with service and repairs have helped up build long-lasting relationships in our market, setting our sales reps up for success and creating the value we want to portray. Not only does Ryan know sales, but he’s also an awesome guy who does things right and lines up with our core values as a company."

Randy Brothers
CEO - Elite Roofing & Construction

"On the numbers side, I have two great stories to share; one of my guys couldn’t break the $250K contract size revenue ceiling and with some coaching and guidance from Ryan, just about 2 months after a training session he sold an $800K deal. The other story is about a roof inspector that we turned into sales and have been using Ryan’s program for just 6 months; he already sold $300K in re-roof last year and $300K in Service, but the best came in this week where he just landed a $1.1M re-roof deal with a client he developed last year from scratch."

Paulo Souza
President - PSI Roofing

"Ryan’s training and coaching transformed our team from “0 to 100” in a very short time. Our surveyors have become account managers, who are taking massive action and managing their time in a very professional manner. Our sales have tripled and our growth has become more predictable than ever. Ryan knows what he’s doing and it pays to bring his program into your business. "

David Crowther
CEO - Crowther Facility Services

Frequently Asked Questions

 ABSOLUTELY, do you want to sell more add-ons, upgrades for more margin and larger deal sizes?

 YES, this is a system, mindset and skills that when mastered, can grow any type of business.

Absolutely, the program has a series of questions that is part of the magic of this system.

We have worked with 100+ contracting companies from over a dozen trade niches and our track record is extremely strong.

We commit to you as you commit to us. This process will give you immediate gains but will need long-term commitment for it to work.

Well, yes, if you have people who want to grow then we will see results, then adjust accordingly after the proven system is adopted.

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